Amuse bouche


Held in June 2023, by @nicolas_dewavrin, curator, the exhibition « Amuse bouche » explores food as representation, material and symbolism.

« Food is a moment, it is a moment of conviviality and builds social bonds. She is also an esthetic through the current phenomenon of «Porn Food». It is finally a pure pleasure that awakens the senses and moves a whole iconography and vocabulary of gourmandise towards the erotic territory of temptation and flesh. The artists here reflect on the collective dimension of the meal but also on its representation as a vehicle of our most intimate desires. »
— Elisa Rigoulet


June 2023



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Florent Mabilat

lorent Mabilat is the space’s caretaker.

After some initial forays into the music scene and then the theatre, several experiments in collective creation, and a period of drawing and working with color, an encounter with some old olive trees in Italian Apulia pointed him in the direction of painting.

He collaborates regularly with musicians, dancers, actors, authors, photographers, videographers…