Photo shooting

For the launch of NISSĒ, a high-end and sustainable lingerie brand, Imane Do Vale and her fantastic team invested Wilde for a luminous shooting session this January.

“I created Nissé to celebrate each woman in her plurality but also in what makes her a deeply singular being. At the same time strong and powerful, I admire her audacity, I admire her courage, I admire her commitment with passion and determination she reaches the impossible. Nissé is an extension of my desire to contribute to the well-being of other women by creating unique pieces with an elegant, sensual and contemporary design.”

Imane Do Vale

Made with high quality bio-based polyamide, obtained from castor oil extracted from the seeds of the plant, an ecological alternative to conventional polyamide from petrochemicals, the first NISSĒ collection is the result of a handmade work made by a French workshop renowned for its expertise and passion for the craft.





january 2023



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Florent Mabilat

lorent Mabilat is the space’s caretaker.

After some initial forays into the music scene and then the theatre, several experiments in collective creation, and a period of drawing and working with color, an encounter with some old olive trees in Italian Apulia pointed him in the direction of painting.

He collaborates regularly with musicians, dancers, actors, authors, photographers, videographers…