Oridjinn, les mots sont vivants


The heavens have their kingdom, the poets their prince, traveler, with and without principality. «Oridjinn, the words are alive», is an exhibition of tailor of words, blower of verses, presented in February 2023 by Abad Boumsong and his companions. Here the voice is free, the walls dance, the doors embrace the air, the windows open inside, the roof slides under the feet, the water is a fireplace from which escapes life, principle of poetry, breath of fresh air.
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February 2023



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Florent Mabilat

lorent Mabilat is the space’s caretaker.

After some initial forays into the music scene and then the theatre, several experiments in collective creation, and a period of drawing and working with color, an encounter with some old olive trees in Italian Apulia pointed him in the direction of painting.

He collaborates regularly with musicians, dancers, actors, authors, photographers, videographers…