Umoja – force is born from unity (in Swahili) – film by the author, composer, performer and director Elom 20ce, the last act of the trilogy Amewuga, premiered at WILDE in April 2023 with the works and in the presence of the artists Rodolphe «Ezin», «Dodo» Adogli, Dodji Efoui, Amé Karaba and Emerson Lawson.

“I shot this short film with my savings. The one I wanted to buy a piece of land with. I preferred to create a moving space that, beyond a piece of land on the shores of Lake Togo, could touch our souls. It is dedicated to all those who risk their lives for our freedom.”
— Elom 20ce

On the occasion of Umoja, a tribute was made on May 18 for the 220th anniversary of the creation of the flag of Haiti.


April 2023



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Florent Mabilat

lorent Mabilat is the space’s caretaker.

After some initial forays into the music scene and then the theatre, several experiments in collective creation, and a period of drawing and working with color, an encounter with some old olive trees in Italian Apulia pointed him in the direction of painting.

He collaborates regularly with musicians, dancers, actors, authors, photographers, videographers…