Xuly Bët’s 30th Birthday Party

Fashion week runway show

For its thirtieth birthday, Xuly Bêt hosted a runway show at Wilde to close out the October 2022 Fashion Week.

Thanks to the talent and courage of Lamine Badian Kouyaté and his magnificent mischief, fashion opens its eyes to the bodies and the spirit that connect us to the earth.

A precursor of upcycling in the ’90s, Xuly Bët has shown for 30 years that fashion can be an art of consciousness.

Long live Xuly Bët!


october 2022



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Florent Mabilat

lorent Mabilat is the space’s caretaker.

After some initial forays into the music scene and then the theatre, several experiments in collective creation, and a period of drawing and working with color, an encounter with some old olive trees in Italian Apulia pointed him in the direction of painting.

He collaborates regularly with musicians, dancers, actors, authors, photographers, videographers…